To All The Girls That Say They Love Me
"My grieved country,
In a flash
You changed me from a poet who wrote love poems
To a poet that writes with a knife"

— Nizar Qabbani

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"We do not pray for immortality, but only not to see our acts and all things stripped suddenly of all their meaning; for then it is the utter emptiness of everything reveals itself."
— Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry

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Kendrick Lamar//Sing About Me

Sometimes I look in a mirror and ask myself
Am I really scared of passing away

If it’s today I hope I hear a
Cry out from heaven so loud it can water down a demon
With the holy ghost till it drown in the blood of Jesus

I wrote some raps that make sure that my lifeline
Rake in the scent of a reaper, ensuring that my allegiance
With the other side may come soon

And if I’m doomed, may the wound
Help my mother be blessed for many moons
I suffer a lot

And every day the glass mirror get tougher to watch
I tie my stomach in knots

And I’m not sure why I’m infatuated with death
My imagination is surely an aggravation of threats

That can come about
Cause the tongue is mighty powerful

And I can name a list of your favorites that probably vouch
Maybe cause I’m a dreamer and sleep is the cousin of death
Really stuck in the scheme of, wondering when I’mma rest
And you’re right, your brother was a brother to me
And your sister’s situation was the one that pulled me
In a direction to speak of something that’s realer than the TV screen

By any means, wasn’t trying to offend or come between
Her personal life, I was like “It need to be told”
Cursing the life of 20 generations after her soul
Exactly what’d happen if I ain’t continued rappin

Or steady being distracted by money drugs and four
I count lives all on these songs
Look at the weak and cry, pray one day you’ll be strong
Fighting for your rights, even when you’re wrong
And hope that at least one of you sing about me when I’m gone

Now am I worth it?
Did I put enough work in?

Promise that you will sing about me
Promise that you will sing about me

I said when the lights shut off
And its my turn to settle down
My main concern
Promise that you will sing about me
Promise that you will sing about me

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Caribbean: Crossroads of the World
The exhibition Caribbean: Crossroads of the World is the culmination of nearly a decade of collaborative research and scholarship organized by El Museo del Barrio in conjunction with the Queens Museum of Art and The Studio Museum in Harlem. Presenting work at the three museums and accompanied by an ambitious range of programs and events, Caribbean: Crossroads offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore the diverse and impactful cultural history of the Caribbean basin and its diaspora. More than 500 works of art spanning four centuries illuminate changing aesthetics and ideologies and provoke meaningful conversations about topics ranging from commerce and cultural hybridity to politics and pop culture.
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Sonam Kapoor
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